The Edge Of Night

Show Me A Hero And I WIll Write You A Tragedy.

Website Update 12.12.2016

Hello once again!

It is I again. I was recently editing the website and it was brought to my attention that we can no longer add chat boxes :( Unfortunately, there are rumors going around that webs is shutting down all websites that aren't updated to their standards and that includes us. So some good news and bad news.


The Good News: We will be moving websites. I will be revamping the website AGAIN. New everything this time and I have a job so we will be upgrading the site that includes unlimited pages and what not instead of the usual 5.


The Bad News: Because the option to add chatboxes is probably unavailable as well on the upgraded version, we will be switching to forum role play. I understand that most of you do not like forums but it looks as if we do not have a choice anymore.  I will do my best to make the website look appealing so we can keep you all interested, if you do not know how to rp in the forums then we have role players who can show you how. It is a tad different than chatboxes.


I am looking for new pack names and I am merging the Enlightened and The Embedded together since they both have the lowest numbers. We will discuss ranks and such. So I will be adding all characters to the new site and to their ranks.


- Vawn 

S T E P  I N T O  T H E  N I G H T


They always told us that the sun was going to die, that the energy that supported it would run low and the light would dim down; like a dying flame, into nothing but darkness. They said that the entire world would die off without the light of the sun to feed our lands and nurture our plants. The only thing that died was the human race. 

Thousands of years later, the planet's wildlife still thrives. The species alive and strong. The forest life now supporting themselves by creating their own light. Fluorescent light covers the world, allowing us to see and for the plants to live. Supporting each other like the sun once did. None of the wildlife ever having seen a ray of light from the sky, only hearing stories passed down from generation to generation about a huge warm bright ball in the sky that shined and covered the land in green riches and health. Most of them believe it is a myth now. Nothing but an old pup's tale.  There was once talk that the sun would return, that we would all be able to see how the world once was, but that talk died down hundreds of years ago. Soon, the talk of the light stopped showing up.


Just as the sun had. 




              T H E   W E R W O L V E S

Rulers of the forest and protectors of life. Wolves have taken over the everlasting night. Strong and bold, they fight for their survival just as they had when the sun existed in the world. Some live to bring peace, in hopes of finding a better life or at least know that they can help someone. Some live to bring pain and darkness, darkness to the heart and to the mind and cause harm to those who stand in their way..


Which one are you...? 

               W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  S I T E


Welcome to the website of The Edge of Night series. This website deals with plots that relate to fictional characters made up of the players mind. This website does contain graphic roleplaying if the player wishes to bring in the details, this website includes gore and obscene language. Characters used on this website are based on werewolf rp, nothing else is used on this website besides werewolves. 


Please take your time to browse through this website to see if it fits your rping nature, we welcome anyone in. The Edge of Night family asks that you follow the rules that are given below and  bare with us in situations that involve inactiveness because of real life situations that the player is facing and going through which is common on this website. We hope that you consider becoming a part of The Night and that you enjoy your roleplaying on this website.


If you need to advertise your site, please do it here, not in the chat box along the side bar.